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BUS 611 Week 3 Assignment WBS

BUS 611 Week 3 Assignment WBS

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BUS 611 Week 3 Assignment WBS

WBS. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for a project you have involved in  professionally, or a common activity around the house that would span more than one month. This particular WBS can be in outline form, with more than two but no more than five high level work packages with no more than 3 tasks in each work package. Assign resources to each task, and provide an appendix for the high level skills required for the task. Identify one work package that could use a contingency plan, and write describe that plan in one hundred words or less. Use an APA cover page and formatting to satisfy University requirements.

Example WBS: Project Name – New Swimming Pool

a. Create Budget – 2 weeks

i. Task 1- Accountant

ii. Task 2- Accountant

b. Design Pool – 2 weeks

i. Task 1- Designer

ii. Task 2- Designer

c. Build Pool – 6 Weeks

i. Task 1- Construction

ii. Task 2- Construction

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