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LAW 531 Week 3 DQ 3

LAW 531 Week 3 DQ 3

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LAW 531 Week 3 DQ 3

Arthur is a an 12 year old with an IQ of 150.  On his birthday, Arthur received a gift of $500 in cash from his Aunt, who told him to buy what he wanted.  Since Arthur was interested in stamps, he ordered the "100 Special Stamps a Month" offer for 12 months from the Excelsior Stamp and Coin Company.   Arthur was mistaken about the price of the "100 Special Stamps a Month" offer.  It was actually $50 a month.  Arthur thought it was $5 dollars a month, and sent Excelsior $60, which he thought was full payment.  After Arthur sent the $60, he lost all interest in the stamps and ignored all further requests for payment Excelsior.

Excelsior, outraged over Arthur's delinquent account, has sued Arthur's parents for $540, representing the balance due.  Who wins and why?

If Excelsior loses the contract case, can it sue Arthur for promissory estoppel?

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