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LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 3

LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 3

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LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 3

Margaret was working with Morty, a graphic artist, on a major beer account at a large advertising agency located in the US.  After a lengthy work meeting, she and Morty returned to his office to pick up some layouts Morty had forgotten to bring.  On Morty's desk and in plain view, Margaret she saw a series of nudes in suggestive poses that Morty had drawn.  Morty asked if Margaret would like to see them but Margret didn't pick them up.   Margaret was stunned.  She had heard of "Morty's nudes" through the grapevine, but had never believed they existed.  Now, as she stared in shock at the drawings, Morty smiled coyly and asked if she would like a drink.  At this point, Margaret opened the door to the office and left.

The following day, Margaret took her first action in defending her rights by filing a lawsuit against Morty and her employer for sexual harassment. 

What will be the result?

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