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LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 4

LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 4

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LAW 531 Week 4 DQ 4

Big Al is a parking lot attendant who works for the Daily Bugle, a large newspaper.   Big Al is also a sumo wrestler in his spare time.  He weighs 450 pounds and is in excellent physical condition, although he is classified as being morbidly obese according to weight charts and his doctor.  Big Al's duties at the Daily Bugle are limited to sitting in a chair and collecting money.  He has no trouble getting into the small kiosk where he collects parking fees.  Admittedly, his chair was a little small, but he replaced it with a larger one.

The Daily Bugle discharged Big Al on the grounds that he is too obese to do his job.

 Legally, what will be the result and why?

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