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ABS 417 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Paper

ABS 417 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Paper

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ABS 417 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Paper

Consider from the authors of the course text the following quote: “Progressive social change is about defending the weak from the strong, gaining resources to reduce human hardship, and striving to promote an equitable society. It is about battling for economic and social justice, working to protect and enhance civil liberties, and respecting the environment” (Rubin & Rubin, 2008, p. 433).

Begin your paper with a discussion of Community or Progressive Organizing, as you understand it at this point in the course. Review your areas of strength as an organizer.
Considering the above quote, select a social problem or cause that you could address as a social change agent. Explain what motivates you to support this cause. Some suggestions/examples are:

     Pollution leading to disease
     Treatment of immigrants
     Treatment of mentally ill
     Treatment of oppressed groups
     Lack of health insurance/access to needed services
     Disabled and access to services
     Use of animals for testing
     School programs

The list could go on and on. (Consider movies such as “Erin Brockovich,” “Legally Blonde 2,” “Patch Adams,” or others where someone felt strongly about a social cause, or saw a need, mobilized support, and worked to effect change. What cause might you take on?)
Describe the process you would go through to mobilize others to collectively enact changes. Some of the questions to be answered might be:

     What are your goals? What would you like to achieve?
     What role do you see yourself taking in this cause?
     How will you mobilize others to help you?
     Where will you obtain funding for your cause?
     What coalitions, local and state, would you contact who might support you in your cause?
     What governmental policies would you need to have changed?
     What specific skills or tools would you need to develop in order to accomplish your goals?
     What would be your best approach to this particular problem?
     What government agencies or representatives would you need to approach? (Research and name specific members of government who might support you in your legislative district.)
     What roadblocks or challenges might you anticipate that might hinder your success or progress?

Conclude your paper with a discussion about how you would evaluate and reflect upon your progress, review your original goals and evaluate how you are meeting your goals and if they have remained current and relevant to your area of interest or concern. Understanding that change takes time, how will you know that you are on track and making progress? Summarize what you hope to accomplish and any insights you might have gained in this project.

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