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BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz

BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz

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BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz

1.Question : The two types of quantitative variables are   
2.Question : As a general rule, when creating a stem-and-leaf display, there should be between ______ stem values. 
3.Question : The median is the value below which and above which approximately 50 percent of the measurements lie.
4.Question : Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit is an example of a ____ variable. 
5.Question : Stem-and-leaf displays and dot plots are useful for detecting
6.Question : Any characteristic of a population unit is called a
7.Question : The science of using a sample to make generalizations about the important aspects of a population is known as
8.Question : A normal population has 99.73 percent of the population measurements within ___ standard deviations of the mean.
9.Question : When we are choosing a random sample and we do not place chosen units back into the population, we are
10.Question : An example of manipulation of graphical display used to distort reality is:


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