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BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz

BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz

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BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz

1.Question : In a statistical study, the random variable X = 1, if the house is colonial, and X = 0 if the house is not colonial, then it can be stated that the random variable is continuous.
2.Question : The set of all possible experimental outcomes is called a(n)
3.Question : If two events are independent, then the probability of their intersection is represented by:
4.Question : A(n) __________ is a measure of the chance that an uncertain event will occur.
5.Question : The price-to-earning ratio for firms in a given industry is distributed according to normal distribution. In this industry, a firm with a Z value equal to 1
6.Question : The expected value of a discrete random variable is:
7.Question : For a continuous distribution, P(a = X = b) = P(a <X< b).
8.Question : The following formula: P(A U B) = P(A) + P(B) – P(A n B) represents
9.Question : The MPG (mileage per gallon) for a mid-size car is normally distributed with a mean of 32 and a standard deviation of .8. What is the probability that the MPG for a selected mid-size car would be less than 33.2?
10. Question : The height of a continuous probability curve over a given point is


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