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BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz

BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz

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BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz

1.Question :The ability-to-pay method of wage determination is not influenced by the:

2.Question :The use of job evaluation to establish relative wage rates is:

3.Question :Negotiators commonly use at least three different standards when determining basic wage rates at the bargaining table.

4.Question :The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 provided that:

5.Question :Supplementary unemployment benefits are:

6.Question :A weakness of the comparative-norm method of wage determination is that it is at times misleading to compare employees within a particular job classification, because the content of jobs may be substantially different among plants within the same labor market.

7.Question :The comparative norm principle of wage determination is often valid for economic, sociological, and psychological reasons.

8.Question :Non-wage economic benefits should not be considered part of a firm’s total wage bill because these are indirect payments and, therefore, do not cost a firm as much as direct payments.

9.Question :The growth in pension plans in labor relations can be attributed to:

10.Question :In many collective bargaining agreements:

11.Question :The problems inherent in using cost of living as a determinant in wage negotiations is that wages are bargained for a future period, whereas cost of living data are historical in nature.

12.Question :Which of the following standards is not used at the bargaining table for the purpose of determining a wage rate?


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