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BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz

BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz

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BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz

This exam consists of 10 multiple choice and true/false questions. 

1. Question : The financial goal of a for-profit business is_______________
2. Question : Suppose two investments produce the same expected cash flows.  We would assign a higher value to the investment with___-
3. Question : Opportunity costs can vary over time and____-
4. Question : Time is a factor when determining the value of a possible investment.  As investors, all else being equal, we value investments____-
5. Question : An investment, such as a bond, will have a higher expected return (or yield) if it______
6. Question : The value of an asset is based on four characteristics—cash flows, time, risk, and opportunity costs—but in many situations we can estimate an asset’s value by____
7. Question : Over the past 50 years, stocks listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) have_____
8. Question : The accounting method you use in your checkbook is best described as______-
9. Question : On the typical balance sheet, the right-hand side shows____
10 Question : To arrive at a more accurate estimate of cash flow we would add depreciation expense to net income. The next step would be to_____

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