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BIO 101 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Specifiation

BIO 101 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Specifiation

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BIO 101 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Speciation

Read the scenario below. 
Describe how the species will change in their respective new environments.

The “Dwarfed White Sparrow” lives on an isolated island. This sparrow is small, white and primarily eats berries. A volcano erupted in the center of the island and separated the large population. As a result, the population on the west has no contact with the east.

  • West side of island characteristics 
  • Flat, soft dirt, small shrubs
  • No animal life on land but many fish
  • Coral reef keeps the predators away 
  • East side of island characteristics
  • Tropical plants, frequent rain showers
  • Raptor bird species preys upon the smaller birds
  • Seagull species fishes the waters one mile offshore 

Prepare a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes pictures/drawings of your west and east bird species. The presentation will address the following question. After thousands of years, how will the dwarf white sparrow’s physical and behavioral characteristics change on the west and east sides of the island? Why?

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