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BSA376 Week 5 SDLC Paper and Presentation

BSA376 Week 5 SDLC Paper and Presentation

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BSA376 Week 5 SDLC Paper and Presentation

Complete the final section to include 4 to 6 pages on the following:

Testing process summary o Define a test plan or script identifying major software functionality and hardware to be tested with required outcomes.

Installation process and training plan summary o Provide a timeline identifying specific steps, including training, and related resources required to implement the recommended system. Include a narrative explanation with a discussion of effects of project constraints, such as time, conversion method, and so forth, and a description of the recommended plan.

Documentation plan summary o Specify and explain each type of documentation, which is required for ongoing technical and user support of the proposed system.

Support and maintenance plan summary o Provide a plan outlining responsibilities and related resources necessary to support and maintain the proposed system, such as software, hardware, and networks. Submit the final drafts of the paper and presentation.

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