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CJA 474 Week 4 Learning Team DQ

CJA 474 Week 4 Learning Team DQ

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CJA 474 Week 4 Learning Team DQ

Back in Week 1 we discussed ethics and codes of conduct. Most of you have probably heard something about the Secret Service Agent's behavior while in Columbia a couple weeks back where they went into town, picked up prostitutes and brought them back to their hotel rooms. Just yesterday the Director of the Secret Service issued a revised code of conduct for all agents which prohibits them from having any foreign nationals in their rooms. I'd like to point out there is no law against having foreign nationals in your room. There is only a requirement to report that contact if you possess a Top Secret security clearance. So, I'd like you to comment on your thoughts regarding this new directive issued by the Director. What do you think about his prohibiting his agents from having foreign nationals in their rooms? What if the agents are single and meet a member of the opposite sex (not a prostitute) while working outside the United States, shouldn't they have the right to pursue a relationship as long as they report it as required?

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