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HIS 113 Week 2 Individual Assignment Reformation Timeline

HIS 113 Week 2 Individual Assignment Reformation Timeline

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HIS 113 Week 2 Individual Assignment Reformation Timeline

  1. Download the Reformation Timeline & Journal Worksheet, available on the student website.
  2. Analyze the Reformation by filling in information on two different parts of the worksheet:

PART #1: Complete the time line, identifying seven events in history during the Reformation:

Identify where the event occurred on the specified date in bullet-point format
Describe the event and its significance for each date identified on the time line in 1-2 full sentences.
Follow the example of Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis as a guide
Respond to the two questions after the timeline in 3-4 sentences of at least 75-100 words each.

PART #2: Create journal entries about the Black Death from different points of view:

Imagine you live in the time of the plague and you request several people to add their personal perspective to your journal. In each case, the questions are: Why is the Black Death so terrifying? How has the plague affected you?
Choose two perspectives and create two 100- to 200-word journal entries based upon those perspectives. Be imaginative, but base your entry on facts. Your choices for the five perspectives include the following:

  1. A person living in a city experiencing the plague
  2. A young Martin Luther
  3. Erasmus

A visitor traveling from village to village
A physician or health-care person trying to treat plague victims

Answer the following question after and separate from the two journal entries in one 75-100 word paragraph: Was the Black Death the impetus for the Reformation? Why?

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